Program Overview

The Industrial Automation & Robotics associate degree program at AG娱乐 provides students with a strong foundation in automation, robotics, and essential computer skills.

Over two years, students will build robots and gain the knowledge needed to maintain and repair them.   This program encompasses hands-on programming and fabrication training, providing a well-rounded education in the robotics industry.

This hands-on approach is valuable in preparing students to tackle real-world challenges in the field.   By completing this degree, students can expect to develop the necessary skills to pursue various career paths in the industry. Some potential jobs include Manufacturing Production Technician, Robotics Technician, Process Control Technician, Automation Technician, and more!  

Are you looking to further your career by earning a B.S. in Robotics & Automation? AG娱乐 & Plymouth State have partnered up to offer a bachelor’s degree in this program! Take the first two years at AG娱乐 and head to Plymouth to complete your degree. All AG娱乐 courses are transferable into the Plymouth State bachelor’s degree program!  

Program Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the use of strong mathematical skills. 
  • Demonstrate a foundation of Computer Information Systems technical skills, knowledge and a basic understanding of computer applications. 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer networking operations. 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of various forms of programming languages and how to construct programming logic. 
  • Demonstrate basic fabrication skills including reading blueprints / engineering drawings, CAD / CAM design, machine tool operations, and CNC machining operations. 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of electricity, electronic components, and electronic circuits. 
  • Demonstrate skills understanding a variety of microcontrollers (including PLC’s) and how to program them with real world logic. 
  • Demonstrate how to successfully apply automation and robotics to industrial applications including “Lights Out” manufacturing.